Roy Schneider

 Schneider, a Long Island boy by birth born in Freeport in 1964, grew up in Ormond Beach, FL, and Houston, TX. Roy and his lovely wife, Dorothy, moved to Port Washington in the spring of 1996.  They have remained here ever since, along with the new addition of their Pomeranian Chihuahua mix, Fiona. Roy is a masterful visual storyteller with thirty-four years' experience as a Video Producer, Director, Editor, and Photographer. Not adverse to whimsy, Roy was a Senior Editor at Sesame Street for four years and still speaks fondly of his Muppet friends. Roy received the Beacon Award for Community Service, the Beacon Award for Education, the Golden Cine Award, and the Houston Press Music Award for "Best Music Video."  Roy has deservedly won ten Emmy Awards (and has received multiple more nominations). Roy's stills evoke powerful emotions with the simple silhouette of a fisherman surrounded by the setting sun, the calming repetition of empty Adirondack chairs looking out over the silent Manhasset Bay, or the hazy morning mist sitting above the pastel Baxters Pond. Also, a wine consultant and a darn good cook, Roy believes that every picture tells a story, and every story creates a picture in one's mind's eye. Roy's beautiful and expressive photographs bring joy to his viewers' hearts. He helps us escape whatever may be troubling us. These are the feelings he is looking to achieve in his artistry. Browse and enjoy.